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Experience the revitalizing effects of temperature therapy with Skinprovement’s unique take on the classic “Fire & Ice” facial. Our 55-minute treatment harnesses the power of contrasting temperatures to promote radiant skin.

Indulge in the soothing warmth of smooth stones delicately massaging your face and neck, enhancing circulation and purging toxins for a rejuvenated complexion. This process not only firms and tones but also aids in eliminating excess fluids.

The gentle heat from the stone compresses opens pores, easing facial muscle tension for a more seamless massage, allowing for deeper serum penetration. The cooling element works wonders in calming inflammation, controlling pigmentation, and unveiling brighter skin. Through cold therapy, blood vessels constrict, briefly tightening the skin and engaging facial muscles in a unique toning session that reduces swelling, dark circles, and patches.


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