$250 per treatment

Microneedling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy) is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that can help reduce many concerns you may have about your skin. It can help reduce acne scars and stretch marks by increasing the collagen production in the skin. You can also get targeted microneedling to help with dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It involves using fine needles to create hundreds of tiny, invisible puncture wounds on the top layer of skin. The micro-injuries that are created stimulates the body's natural wound-healing process, resulting in cellular turnover and an increased collagen and elastin production. This helps to reverse as well as prevent signs of aging.

Customized treatment plans can produce lasting effects that address a wide range of skin problems.

Benefits of this treatment:

  • Helps Reduce Pore Size

  • Reduces Wrinkles

  • Minimizes and Controls Blackheads

  • Fades Acne Scars

  • Fades Pigmentation/Sun Damage

  • Stimulates Growth of Collagen

  • Stimulates Growth of Elastin

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with my skin post-treatment?

Avoid tanning for at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your treatment, and wear sunscreen. You should also avoid hot baths, massages, or any treatment that requires direct contact with the skin for the first 2 days after your treatment. After your treatment, you will need to continue to use a good sunscreen. Do not use any active products for 48 hours after your treatment. Your medical aesthetician will recommend the appropriate product for your skin concern and type. We recommend using a gentle cleanser 48 hours after your treatment. Apply our Skinprovement Organics Simply Hyaluronic Replenishing Gel to help hydrate the area as your skin may start flaking by day 3.

What will I experience after my treatment? Is there any downtime?

It is typical for clients to experience redness, tightness of the skin, severity of which will depend upon the aggressiveness of the performed treatment, for roughly 24-48 hours post procedure. Red or pink hue like moderate sunburn may persist. There may be some noticeable swelling on the day. Skin may still retain a pink hue or return to normal colouring by the 2nd – 3rd day and swelling would have subsided. Some people have mild peeling of sloughed dead skin 3-4 days after the treatment. Some clients may experience a small purge of the skin with tiny white-heads. If this occurs, we advise you not to pick at them, as they will go away on their own. To help reduce these symptoms, it’s recommended clients avoid working out, wearing makeup and stay out of the sun for at least 24 hours following the treatment.

What do I need to do before this treatment?

We recommend you book yourslelf in for a facial, especially if this is your first visit at the clinic as this can prep your skin for a Microneedling treatment to help aid in the downtime. This is also a great opportunity for our Medical Aesthetician to understand your skin prior to performing an invasive treatment. Make sure your skin is clean. Do not apply any lotions, creams or makeup before your session, and stop using any products that might irritate your skin 2-3 days before. You must also avoid any tanning, including self-tanners. Please arrive 15 minutes early so that we may prep your skin for numbing.

Who can get Microneedling?

This treatment can be performed for a wide range of individuals. However, some contraindications are: if you are on any acne medications such as Accutane, if you are pregnant, if you are on blood thinners, if you have diabetes, if you are prone to keloids. Please come in for a complimentary consultation to see if this treatment is right for you. ​Microneedling is a good treatment for men and women with all types and colours of skin. If you have any of the following conditions, skin needling is not for you: - Used Accutane or any type of isotretinoin in the last 3 months. - A history of poor wound healing, hypertrophic or keloid scarring. - Uncontrolled diabetes. - Taking anticoagulant medications. - Used Botox or fillers within the last week. - Received radiation treatments to your skin in the last year. - Open wounds, abrasions or cuts on the area of interest. - Pregnant or breast-feeding. - Any current skin infections like herpes simplex in the area of interest. - Any kind of immunosuppression because of medication or disease.

Are at-home microneedling kits safe to use?

Beware of some microneedling roller kits that do not use real needles. These kits can damage your skin. We do carry 2 at-home microneedling kits (0.25mm & 0.5mm) with real needles that are titanium. Please visit www.skinprovementorganics.com for more information.