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What is the Sculpting Buccal Massage?


Sculptural Buccal massage, also known as a ‘natural facelift’ massage is a unique treatment blending facial sculpting with an intra-oral facial massage that targets facial muscles from the inside out simultaneously. By massaging, stretching, relaxing and strengthening the facial muscles from inside the mouth, we are able to provide a deep reconstruction of facial contours, plus a totally unique and relaxing experience. This massage combines traditional massage movements with lymphatic drainage and acupressure. It focuses on sculpting the contours of the face, reducing puffiness and improving muscle tone. By stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, this massage technique helps to eliminate toxins and reduce fluid retention, resulting in a more sculpted and lifted appearance.

This invigorating lifting 45 minute massage includes cleansing, our sculpting massage (full face, buccal and scalp massage), and finishing products. 

Canadian Spa & Wellness Award Pillar of the Community
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