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Qi Beauty Treatment


Qi beauty Facial treatments stimulate the organic recovery potential of skin. Qi beauty™ is the combination of controlled High Gradient Static Magnetic Fields and specific acupuncture points derived from Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture. High Precision positioning of the Qi beauty™ Matrix is used to manipulate the movement of natural dermal fluids to where they need to be for the best Pro-Recovery an aesthetics results.

Qi beauty™ is used for:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines

  • Eye lines (starting 1mm away from the eye).

  • Skin tone, overall complexion, uneven tone, skin brightening.

  • enhancing natural volume for cheeks, corner of the eye, lips, top lip, chin

  • strengthening the lip line for a stronger and more defined line to reduce lipstick bleed.

  • increasing energy of skin for a more vibrant and healthy appearance

  • reducing redness, inflammation, heat, and skin irritations

  • assisting scar healing and scar recovery (up to 4 days post-op)

  • assisting recovery of damaged skin post microdermabrasion, cosmetic procedures, and some medications

  • Qi beauty™ assists strengthening the skin barrier to reduce TEWL

  • Qi beauty™ improves the environment for the skin microbiome to encourage healthy skin flora

What does this treatment include?

This 85-minute treatment includes, cleansing, light exfoliation, placement of 1000 gold-plated magnets strategically and carefully applied to suit your needs, application of serum, and day protection. Please note that immediately after the QI beauty Practitioner applies the magnets to your face, they have to leave the room to allow you to rest while the magnets do their magic . 

Qi Beauty Practitioner
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