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$85 for the first 5 tags

 $10 for each additional 

Skin tag removal is one of the most commonly performed procedures at Skinprovement Medi Spa & Laser Clinic.


Skin tags, also known as acrochorda, are bits of benign skin growth that hang from the surrounding skin by a narrow stalk. Skin tag can be smooth or wrinkled, flesh coloured or slightly brown, and usually irregular in shape.

Where are skin tags Located?

Skin tags may appear on any part of the human body. They are more often found on the neck, groin, armpits, eyelids, and under the breasts, and other areas where skin frequently rubs against skin or clothing.

How Does it Work?

Using the latest in technology, Vasculyse 2G RF thermocoagulation, produces perfectly targeted “heat energy” resulting in a thermal lesion. Heat is generated in the capillary vessels resulting in the disappearance of skin tags and other lessons, it may take 1 - 3 sessions to completely remove. 

What to Expect?

After the treatment, tiny temporary scabs may appear to regenerate treated area. This scabbing can last 3 - 20 days and fall off on their own. 

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