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The Pearl Brightening Treatment is an innovative and complex lightening treatment with and advanced formula made with powerful Next-Generation Acids (exfoliating and renewing active ingredients made with gentile yet highly effective powerful exfoliating acids), together with advanced Liposomal technology to deliver Octadecenedioic acid (an anti-dark spot and brightening ingredient. Helps to clarify dark spots and lightens the face) and Niacinamide (a depigmenting and restoring active ingredient which helps to prevent skin aging). This treatment will help remove the superficial layer of dark spots and stimulates skin renewal, fading dark spots.

 Main Skin Benefits:

- Brightening of the skin

- Hydrating

- Age-Defying

- Antioxidant Rich

- Evens skin tone

Helps with:

- Discolouration, dullness, dark circles, dryness, antiaging

This luxurious 55-minute treatment includes dermaplaning, a luxurious massage with age-defying and hydrating serums, a full face, a pearl mask (infused with powerful next-generation acids, octadecenedioic acid and niacinamide to help brighten the skin), an invigorating scalp massage, and finishing creams best suited for each individual's skin type. There are no extractions with this treatment as the main focus is hydration and anti-aging.

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