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Skinprovement Milestone: $100,000 Donation Milestone

Our Brows for the Brave™ Initiative has hit a big milestone this week. Since 2016, @skinprovement has performed over $100,000 worth of microblading treatments for free to those suffering from cancer or other illnesses.

What started out as a simple microblading contest over 5 years ago on Facebook, Ashley was inspired by one of the entries. A woman named Anita entered her sister, Yolanda, into the draw. At the time Yolanda was just diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer and about to start Chemotherapy. She was concerned that she would lose her hair and eyebrows. Ashley, the owner of Skinprovement, was so touched by the entry that she decided to give Yolanda a free treatment even though she did not win the contest. Yolanda was a career business woman, married and had two children.

(Please see the video below for Yolanda's story)

This simple act of free microblading had such a profound impact on Yolanda that Ashley decided she would not charge those suffering from cancer or illness for Microblading services. From that point on, Ashley began Brows for the Brave™. “When I had an opportunity to microblade Yolanda’s eyebrows, I felt compelled to create an initiative to help people, because I believe there is a strong connection between looking your best, feeling confident and being empowered,” says Ashley. To date, Skinprovement has performed hundreds of microblading treatments absolutely free (funded entirely by Skinprovement) which has totaled to over $100,000 worth of treatments. “I am grateful to have an opportunity to make a difference, one brow at a time.”

Unfortunately, Yolanda passed away in January of 2019. Her spirit continues to live on through each client that participates in Brows for the Brave ™.

At Skinprovement, we are grateful to have opportunity to give back to the community that helped us grow. If you know someone that can benefit from this @browsforthebrave initiative, please can call, email or DM Skinprovement.


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