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Winner: Pillar of the Community Award

We Just found out some Big News! We are so humbled and honoured that Skinprovement has just won the ‘Pillar of the Community’ Award 🏆 at this year’s Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards ❤️

The 2021 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards are a celebration of the top spas, industry partners, product lines and educators in Canada. Their expert panel of judges have evaluated and determined the winners, all who represent the highest standards of Canada’s spa industry. The Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards recognize the top spas in all of Canada, and to be mentioned next to the best in the industry. Thank you to the honourable judges, Spa Inc. Magazine and Leading Spas of Canada for this honour ❤️

Pillar of the Community Award - Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards - Skinprovement

This award (Pillar of the Community Award) recognizes a business or individual who has supported their community, staff and clients during unprecedented times. It also recognizes that this business or individual contributed to the growth, betterment, and recognition of the Canadian Spa industry.

As I always say, and today is no different, I’m extremely grateful for the community that has supported Skinprovement ever since I was in the basement of my home. There are so many amazing and beautiful people I’ve met throughout this journey, and I’m very fortunate to have met them and now call many of them friends. Thank you to this wonderful community for your continuous love and support. You are amazing!

This award also goes out to my staff, because during these trying times, they too were a pillar for me, and I am truly grateful to have them as part of this Skinprovement Family. Antonella, Marisa, Zara, Rose, Anna, Eyvonne, Hillarey, Missy, Josie, Stefanie, Jessica, and Rosalia, love you lots.

My heart is full ❤️



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