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Ashley - Keynote Speaker for Mackenzie Health

On Tuesday, November 18th, I was honoured to speak at another @mackenziehealth event. As some of you know, I’m part of the Emerging Leader’s Council (pictured beside) for Mackenzie Health Foundation. I share my time with these wonderful people because we all have a vision of ensuring our community has the best health care available to them at the new Cortelluci Vaughan Hospital. I’ve been inspired by how this group of like-minded, driven people can accomplish so much when we band together. Collectively, we recognize the potential of this $1 million goal we’ve set, and together we’re striving towards an incredible goal. It fills me with optimism and excitement for the future of this strong community we are building. This is also why I’ve pledged to fund a Critical Care unit, knowing the importance that these rooms have with life-saving technology. Thank you Mackenzie Health for your love and support, and for asking me to be a speaker of this event as I was able to tell my story and why Mackenzie Health means so much to me ❤️


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