Experience the strength, brilliance and power of Diamonds to combat signs of aging and fatigue to reveal your true youthful glow. Diamonds are also known to be the king of gems and have long been associated with perfection, power and positive energy. It activates the Crown Chakra for ultimate healing and alignment and will stimulate creativity and imagination, open your mind to new possibilities, unify your mind and body, and promote a radiant spirit.

 Main Skin Benefits:

- Brightening of the skin

- Hydrating

- Age-Defying

- Antioxidant Rich

- Evens skin tone

Helps with:

- Discolouration, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, dryness, stress and fatigue.

This luxurious 55-minute treatment includes dermaplaning, a luxurious massage with age-defying and hydrating serums, a full face, neck and décolleté diamond mask (infused with diamond powder, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B3, jojoba oil, ubiquinone), an invigorating scalp massage, and finishing creams best suited for each individual's skin type. There are no extractions with this treatment as the main focus is hydration and anti-aging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with my skin post-treatment?

We recommend the use of sunscreen post-treatment, regardless of the time of year, as harmful UV rays are present even during the winter months. UV rays are also present with the use of technology such as cell phones, computer screens and televisions. Our Medical Aestheticians and Front Desk staff can assist in choosing the sunscreen best suited for you as we have an array of options to choose from. Be sure to book your next appointment to see optimal results. We recommend coming in once a month, unless otherwise specified.

Are there extractions for this treatment?

No. With this treatment, our main focus is combating the signs of aging with an emphasis on hydration. This is an excellent treatment for very dry and dehydrated skin.

Do you use steam with your treatment?

Believe it or not, the use of steam can irritate the skin, cause dehydration, and is not suitable for anyone with asthma. Due to the nature of the treatment, with the inclusion of dermaplaning or other exfoliants, the use of steam can be aggressive. We make use of hot towels to soften the pores prior to extractions.

What do I need to do before this treatment?

Thankfully nothing. Just be sure to stop by 15 minutes prior to your treatment if you are new to the clinic, as the Front Desk Coordinator will ask you to fill in some information. Leave the rest to us!

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