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COVID-19 Protocols


When Skinprovement is allowed to reopen, due to the nature of COVID-19, our waiting room will now be closed. All clients entering our clinic are by appointment only. If clients are looking to purchase a products, curbside pick-up options are available.

Please follow these guidelines in order to keep you, our staff & other clients safe.



Clients are now asked to complete intake forms prior to their appointment. An email will be sent the day before the appointment with a link. For new and existing clients, please complete our Client Intake Form. If you are feeling unwell, experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, exposed to a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 case or travelled within 14 days of your appointment, please rebook your appointment.


  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment start time and call 647-668-5494 when you have arrived. When calling in, please be patient if our front desk coordinator is on the phone with another client.

  • Please ensure that all forms are completed prior to your visit.

  • Please be prepared with a mask on your face upon arrival.

  • Please bring only essential items to your visit.

  • No food or drinks allowed at this time.

  • Sanitize your hands once you have entered the clinic.

  • Our waiting room is now closed.


Sanitization and Disinfection has always been our top priority at Skinprovement Medi Spa & Laser Clinic. Due to the nature of COVID-19, we have implemented extra measures in order to maintain our high standards of care for when we are allowed to reopen (currently medical aesthetics and aesthetics treatments are not permitted to operate during this time). We have hired a dedicated Sanitization Engineer to assist in continuous disinfection of high traffic surfaces, knobs, debit machines, washrooms, and cleaning each room thoroughly prior to the next appointment. We have also added  extra time in between each room to help accommodate for the sanitization process. In doing so, booking your appointment may take longer than usual, as there will be less availability for bookings due to the nature of our new scheduling procedures.

Clients are now asked to complete intake forms prior to their appointment. An email will be sent the day before the appointment with a link. For new and existing clients, a Covid-19 Questionnaire will now have to be completed prior to each appointment which includes questions about travelling within two weeks of scheduled appointment or if they are feeling unwell.

Modifications of Treatments:


We now require that for all Microblading appointments, clients are to prenumb their eyebrows prior to entering the clinic. Numbing cream can be purchased at a local drug store or can be purchased through for curbside pick-up prior to the appointment.


Clients are asked to ensure all areas in which laser hair removal will be performed are free from hair prior to appointment. Unfortunately, we will not be shaving areas to be treated at this time.



  • All Staff members will be completing a COVID-19 Questionnaire prior to every scheduled work day.

  • All Service Providers will be wearing a mask and face shield. Should Ontario Public Health recommend other PPE protocols, we will update our policy as necessary.

  • Our Service Providers will disinfect the treatment room to be ready for the next appointment during the extra space between each appointment.

  • Our clinic will continue to use hospital grade antimicrobial cleaning solutions such as PREempt Wipes and 70-90% alcohol hand sanitizers, wipes and sprays.

At Skinprovement Medi Spa & Laser Clinic, we understand that these new changes are very different from how we operated prior to COVID-19, however, they are necessary to keep our community safe. Protocols are subject to change based on recommendations from Ontario Public Health and this page will evolve to reflect those changes.

Keep safe and stay well,


The Skinprovement Team


Jessica Schueller - Sanitation Engineer & Customer Care

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