If you can handle the heat, this treatment is right for you! Enjoy a 55-minute facial with our signature dermaplaning treatment, extractions, a stem-cell cinnamon mask and algae mask with goji berries. This exclusive and innovative heat-activating cinnamon mask produces hyperemia (increases blood flow) on the skin that favours the regeneration of collagen and elastin tissues, improving the reaffirmation of the facial skin.

The Cinnamon Mask activates the skin and enhances the amount of nutrients and oxygen to cells, reactivating them and rejuvenating the skin from the inside. Thanks to its composition in seaweed, this mask moisturizes deeply. It tones and tightens, as well as helps to detoxify the skin.

The Goji Mask utilizes goji berries and quinoa seeds that are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to reduce inflammation and allow the skin to help repair itself.

What does this treatment include?

This 55-minute treatment includes cleansing, dermaplaning, cinnamon mask, light extractions (subject to Medical Aesthetician's discretion), algae mask, massage, and finishing products.

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